yaknow i’m not quite sure how significant this particular birthday is in general, but in your case, any year you exist on this earth is significant.

i think back on a lot of things in my past and i wonder how much better they would’ve been if you were around. even now, i’m just happy i’m allowed to call you one of my closest friends.

we’re at a point in our friendship where all we can do is grow. there’s not a lot of secrets we haven’t shared, not a lot of lines we haven’t crossed between each other, not much else to do except exist, and i’m actually really happy about that. you’re one of the only people i have in my life i can rely on, and see in my future. i consider you closer than family, closer than friends-who-give-up-organs-for-each-other type friends (but i mean, if you ever need a kidney i got you.) It’s a bond that fell into wet cement on the sidewalk and is now unbreakable.

17 is gonna be weird. it’s a road between 16 and 18 where you either realize you’re who you’re gonna be for the rest of your life, or make some big friggin change to try to stay spontaneous. it’s an age people often overlook, but people learn more about themselves here than any other age. it’s important you find out this year how truly talented you are, how incredibly smart and special you’ve proven time and time again to be. i know this year is going to be the year your projects come to life, and i really can’t wait to see what you’ll do.

i love you a lot. it’s easy to say now since i say it so often, but i do mean it. you are an amazing friend and a light on this earth, one whose shine can never be replicated. happy birthday, felix.