Achilles: The Trojan Warrior

This is the Trojan Warrior; Achilles


Achilles, the son to the father Peleus (the mortal king of the Myrmidons) and the mother Thetis, a Nereid. Achilles a invulnerable soldier who was the strongest and most handsome. But there was one place on his body that is vulnerable; his achilles.

Thetis (mother) was extraordinarily concerned about her baby son’s mortality. She did everything she could to make him immortal: She burned him over a fire every night, then dressed his wounds with ambrosial ointment; and she dunked him into the River Styx, whose waters were said to confer the invulnerability of the gods. However, she gripped him tightly by the foot as she dipped him into the river–so tightly that the water never touched his heel. As a result, Achilles was invulnerable everywhere but his achilles.

Significant Deeds:

Achilles played a major role in the battle during the trojan warrior. He is known for slaying Hector, the hero of the trojans. Which that event led them to a Greek win.

Powers and Abilities:

Achilles had strength, stamina, and resistance to injury do to his semi-divine birth. He was stronger, faster, inexhaustible than most human beings. He was invincible and invulnerable which led him to being a great warrior/swordsman.

Known picture of Achilles being shot in the heel.

What He Is Known For:

Achilles as we know is a part of the human body. The way achilles mother dipped him to be invulnerable she didn’t dip him fully missing his achilles in his heel. So with his entire body being invulnerable, he had one weak spot. The achilles, which led to his death. As he was walking out of winning the trojan war he had got shot with a arrow in the heel. This lead to him dying because the arrow hit where he was vulnerable. Which is now where we get that the achilles is a weak spot in all humans.

Achilles killed Hector

Story(s) Achilles Plays A Role In:

Achilles is mainly known for his hard fought victory in the Trojan War. Which he won for the Greeks by killing the Trojan hero; Hector. The Greeks won but soon after, Achilles was shot by an arrow in the heel and killed.


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