Case Study: Our 2017 Casper Campaign

66 Agency
66 Agency
Nov 8, 2017 · 3 min read

For any business entering a new market, it can be difficult to reach out to consumers who are loyal elsewhere and often have biases towards foreign brands. Casper Sleep, a New-York based mattress company, entered the Canadian market at the end of 2014 and was looking for a campaign that would continue to increase their brand recognition in Canada. So with the help of some of Canada’s most influential youtubers, that is exactly what we helped them achieve.

Our Purpose

We wanted to increase online awareness and spread the word about Casper mattresses now being available in Canada. In addition, we sought to educate consumers about what makes Casper’s products different, how they could learn more about them and make purchases through Casper’s ecommerce platform.

Our Approach

With a focus on a younger demographic of Quebec’s French-speaking market, we began looking for influencers who were interested in sharing their thoughts on the Casper solution to mattress shopping. It finally came down to two longtime youtubers who liked the idea and had the targeted audiences needed for the campaign.

When came time for the influencers to communicate their experience, they did so creatively, letting their personality shine through. Among the many points shared, the Youtube influencers spoke about how much of an improvement their new mattress was for them. Each in their own unique way, they were able to deliver a genuine message to their audiences that was consistent with their usual humorous styles. From filming a silly unboxing sequence to commenting on how soft they found the mattress, the content Casper received was light, yet educational.

Our Impact

Once packaging was picked up from the four corners of the room, the videos were uploaded and we began to analyse results. When we looked at engagement, it was clear from the comments that these videos were enjoyed by each youtuber’s audience. With youtubers having made such an emphasis on their experience with Casper, audiences shared personal experiences of their own mattresses as well. In many cases, they even told stories of their own Casper mattress or their new intentions to purchase Casper products themselves.


With their 6000 engagements, audiences were vocal about their appreciation for the content created by their favorite influencers. 2 weeks after the Youtube videos were published Casper’s branded content had successfully accumulated over 112 000 views, which totaled over 402 243 minutes of watch time. And in addition to the impact of their paid content on Youtube, video shares during the span of the campaign allowed Casper to be found on other platforms and organically achieve even further reach.

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