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The other day I struck up conversation with my mail man and found out that Zara has a distribution warehouse in Redlands! Which means next day delivery along with the free shipping and returns they already offer. Naturally after knowing this, I moseyed on over to their website and found this cute bodycon dress for only $20 that I am wearing pretty much whenever I can.

Just last weekend when we “staycationed” in Pasadena, all I brought was this dress and it made for two really great outfits!

On the first day I tied on a t-shirt over it and put on my Converse because I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking around.

On the second day I put on the same bodycon dress, but tied a flannel around my waist. I added a leather jacket too because it’s still cold in the mornings! The two looks are totally different, but so simple to put together. Now you try!

On a side note, I’m headed back to NorCal this weekend to visit C, catch up with girlfriends and my crazy awesome Momma for mother’s day! We may be M.I.A.

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