flat or rich design of ux design

For all those who haven’t heard much about the flat design, it is simply a term that is given to style of the ux design. Elements eliminate any type of stylistic characters that are making them look like odd on the page. In simple words, it means eliminating the style characters like drop shadows, textures and other related designs in order to give the element a 3-dimensional feel.

These days, ux designer are so much interested in the flat design because it gives a very simple and clean look to design. Also, designers can focus more on the content and message that are most important elements on the site to improve user experience. Eliminating all the design styles that can become a reason for giving an outdated look to the site, designers give their site a ‘future proof’. This way, the design can remain for a much longer time frame.

Flat design is really helpful when it comes to making the things more easy and efficient because they remove all the ‘messed up’ things.

It’s not fair to discuss about flat design without discussing what the converse of flat design is. The term that is most often given to the converse of flat design is the ‘rich design’. Rich design as the name suggest, is about adding up design things like drop shadows, bevels, and gradients. All these things help the design elements to look more physical and to which the user can easily navigate through on the website.

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