The True History Of Flat ux Design

Swiss style is often referred as the International Typographic style. Swiss style of design is the most important era of designing that quickly comes to mind whenever we talk about the history of the flat ux design.

The Swiss design was originated in the Switzerland, and was the most prevailing design throughout the 1940’s and 50’s. It was the key to majority of the development related to graphic designing to increase user experience in the mid 20th century.

Swiss design was mostly focused on using the grids, sans-serif typography and a nice content and layout hierarchy. In mid 40’s, Swiss style of design was mostly involved in the combination of large photographs with a clean and minimal typography. As typography was a main element included in the Swiss design, a very famous typeface known as the Helvetica typeface was also introduced in the Switzerland in the 1957. It was being used on almost everything during that period of time.

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