I’m going to ask you a question, then you answer me,

then less put our heads together, and see if we agree.

That when you’re born into this world, You’re going to receive;

whether you like it or not, responsibility.

From the womb to the tomb that’s the way it will be,

you’re always going to have responsibility.

Now let’s look at a child; he’s responsible to,

no matter what their age; their taking orders from you.

To do their chores and do this and that;

to bring in the dog and put out the cat.

But that’s responsibility, no matter what it is.

And if you are not a responsible adult;

you weren’t taught it as a kid.

Because now you make choices that affects people’s lives;

a doctor makes the wrong one; and a husbands without a wife.

A policeman draws his gun and he points it at a man;

and he’s thinking in his mind; is this the one that ran?

Or your airline pilot flying everywhere;

and people in the plane they don’t have a care.

Because their life is in your hands; and your responsible for it,

and if you did not know what you were doing, you wouldn’t be in the cockpit.

So responsibility is a lot of pressure on us;

it gets so hard it makes us want to cuss!

But we are in position each and every day;

to be responsible people as we go our way.

So are you wondering about me; and responsibility?

Are you wondering just what I do?

Well, I’ll give you a hint; cause my time is well spent,

I’m involved; in the red white and blue.

Yes, the red white and blue the land of the free;

where people can agree; to disagree.

Where people come and go just as they please;

an aliens run around as free as a breeze.

In America. That’s what I’m talking about.

The strongest nation on earth; beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Where you can vote for Law’s; And a man to lead you.

And you can take your case to court; and state your point of view.

Only in the land; of the red white and blue.

So have you figured it out with the hint I gave you;

or are you still confuse, and need another clue;

as to who I am and what I do.

Well I’ll tell you one thing.

if I was in another country; they would call me a king

because decisions I make, affect the whole world.

Men, women, boys and girls.

And the red white and blue, is what I represent;

one nation under God, I ‘m the President!

That’s who I am; and I’m proud to be

the leader of a nation where the people are free.

To follow their dreams and be all they can be:

IN America, the land of the free!

Like the firemen and the cop, and the soldiers at war.

I risk my life because I swore.

My allegiance to the people that voted for me,

and to a country I lead and to keep it free.

From all our enemies, so they won’t succeed-

in taking away our freedom and liberty.

So who am I I’m the president.

And what do I do? I head the government.

I veto whatever I feel is wrong.

And they want to kill me- because I won’t go along,

with their plans and agenda to make their project strong.

Because the American people have their trust in me,

to protect them from the people- who are full of greed.

Who want bills pass that are just not fair,

trying to put all the people in a state of welfare.

And taking from the programs that provide healthcare.

But I will veto everything that makes no sense,

cause I’m the man you put in office, I’m your President.

There’s not a job in the world that represents,

millions of people, who have confidence-

in the man they put in the office; OF THE PRESIDENT!


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