Why I Don’t Care if David Bowie Was a Sex Offender
Ezinne Ukoha

1 in 10p people (adults and children) are falsely accused, tried convicted and imprisoned of sex crimes (SAVE Services.org and the Center for Prosecutor Integrity [CPI]). It’s the ultimate Hail Mary that immediately stigmatizes ANYONE who is accused. We’re trained and willing to ignore modifiers like “accused” and”alleged”; to NEVER doubt, let alone question the accuser(s) and in the face of due process, unequivocally ignore EVERY Human’s inalienable RIGHT to be considered and viewed as innocent until PROVEN guilty. One only had to look at the long and growing list of exonerations to clearly see how we as a society are programmed for witch hunts. And even after exoneration, PROOF the crime was not committed the stigma is not removed. Might be why it is the most ‘used’ accusation in the “Justice” system to date. When all else fails just yell “rape!” It’s filled with win.😡

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