If the only way too know the individual skill of a player is to see him perform on his own, why is…
Joe Maggio

Apparently — “we’re not on the same page” isn’t enough describing where you went with this analogy. Same book? Hmm — -> we ‘re not even in the same library/city, dude.

The higher MMR you go the more important teamwork related decisions are. IE; When to roam, when to group, when to split — these are all teamwork related decisions. When you queue up by yourself in SOLO Q you have to learn how to develop (fast) these teamwork related decision making skills by yourself because if you don’t try to play with your team then you will not climb past low silver.

In a group or a team all these teamwork related decision making skills get relegated to one or two people. What will actually happen is that some people will get very good at leading dynamic groups to victory while some people will just get lucky by happening to know someone who is a really strategically minded person. This means that the followers in the dynamic group will not truly earn the MMR gained by playing in the group because it isn’t their decision-making that is winning them games.

This means that when follower X actually queues up at an MMR gained through following calls of another player then they will not have developed the skills necessary to play at that MMR.

Secondly, The reason why high level team games are so different from solo queue is because the teams build actual teamcompositions to fullfill particular objectives. Dynamic groups of less than 5 cannot play this way because there is no way to guarantee that the 1 or 2 players playing with the group of 3 or 4 will play the correct champion for the teamcomposition. Plus, Esports top team competition is an entirely different thing in itself.

Thirdly, players who have been boosted by their dynamic group will not be able to play by themselves in ranked anymore because they will get destroyed by players who might be actually worth their MMR. This will mean that players in gold because their dynamic group has a diamond level shotcaller will be thrashed by actual gold players once the midgame rolls around and the actual gold level players with actual decisionmaking skills group and roam correctly and the boosted gold player doesn’t.

Lastly, soloq rank will mean nothing. You just got carried by your dynamic group even if you didn’t.”

TLDR: Going solo ensures you’re the only constant after X number of matches. Going with any size of groups, ensures that the rank the “group” gets, represents the variables within it as a whole.

You can have 2 of your teammates, improving from Gold to Diamond skillwise and you still not improving. The group becomes better, meaning it will probably achieve higher rank, while your performance stays the same.

I’m actually baffled I have to explain this thing to you.


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