Korn Will Play Six Shows With a 12 Year Old Bassist & That’s AWESOME

This is what dreams are made of…well, with connections but still!

Kid of the 90s

Yes I grew up with Korn’s first album alongside Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Tool, Pantera, The Toadies, Radiohead…look, things were a little complicated. We could go down all sorts of rabbit trails, but the point to be made is that Korn did something nobody else had achieved. Armed with 7 string Ibanez axes, they hit a chug-factor yet untapped.

On the drums, David Silveria put things to tape that will live forever, even if the life did essentially cost him his joints. Like a precursor Joey Jordison for Slipknot in regards to intensity as being the exclamation point to a group. But in both cases, those Drummers are not in the tour anymore.

Uh-oh, are we talking about Mercenary replacements?
Woohoo from the Minors to the Majors!

A Mercenary Knows When To Respect

Recently Richard Patrick of Filter shit all over The Chainsmokers for their performance on Saturday Night Live. He was super pissed about the lip syncing they pulled. He didn’t mention it, but I know Filter had a new album come out in 2016 and I don’t think any major outlets treated it with respect compared to that Fuckstick Josh Tillman.

Point being for a little while, Richard Patrick, Ray Luzier, Robert & Dean DeLeo had a band called “Army of Anyone” that left a trail of crumbs for those who care about music to follow. Ray was a Mercenary drummer for them, and if you compare this performance to anything by The Chainsmokers or Father John Misty and don’t see the clear and present difference, well, maybe you won’t understand why Ray is now the drummer for Korn.

Moral of the Story

Sometimes new people come around qualified to sub or to take over the job, and we should, as Human Beings, do our best to cultivate that spirit, that drive in the Youth. They should have Dreams, whether to play Bass or become an Astronaut or cure Caner or perform Ballet — I think it’s important to value talent, help plant seeds, help them grow.

Not all will have the same opportunities, that’s tue, but now and then, when an opening comes around…that’s why social media exists, to share positive stories with a healthy dose of Reality. Ain’t nothing free in this world. Takes work.