State Fair of Texas 2017: The Biggest Ever?

For people with nowhere to really “go” for a while, there might be one place…

The Idea

Like the over-the-hill busted-up Guitarist I am, sometimes I tell stories about how I got to be like this. Living in Deep Ellum as Trees re-opened, then Anvil Pub and Bomb Factory. The Downtown Dallas Life had some charm.

This craft, spotted outside the Majestic Theatre, was not presumed Sea Worthy at the time.

Eventually I arrived into Upper Greenville Avenue, in a button-down shirt. Chillin’ with Central Market and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

For non-Dallas knowledgeable folks, the annual St. Paddy’s Day Parade is Tradition and Drunkenness and FUN…and extremely gross. No, really, any large gathering for a ONE-AND-DONE leaves a trail of trash for a small Brigade. Once the Parade is done in Upper Greenville, for the next several hours, low-wage, broom pushing staff deals with it. Into bags, trucks, gone.

I’ve seen a different version of a similar team in New Orleans more than once, considering my own personal hours as a Guitarist and Writer.

The point of recalling St. Paddy’s Day Parade is to lead-in to what is way, way more of an opportunity for Families and Texans! Basically, come together in a once and a lifetime, record setting, “take a deep breath, have some fun, ride some rides” campaign for a mobilization of people and resources to coincide with the State Fair of Texas in 2017.

How It Works — A Theory Regarding Texas Transit

From my experience in IT hardware and software, and keeping up with some terms, the main Concept to my idea is “Load Balancing” three Variables.

Variable 1: Displaced Peoples Needing Shelter
Variable 2: Basic Supplies For Displaced Peoples
Variable 3: Transit and Geographic Logistics of Variables 1 and 2

The unique thing I’ve learned about Texas by living here for 20+ years is that there are many trails to wind around and get places, speaking of most long-settled places (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Denton…) in regards to local navigation. Once in an “area” there are more than a couple ways to get to somewhere else.

Use the freeway? Cool. Avoid the freeway? Cool. Need a pit stop for gas?

Unfortunately in recent years the main arteries have been NAFTA and Construction clogged with traffic, just even thinking about Holidays. Yikes. No thank you. I’d rather try and work on new material.

I took this picture of a picture in a place in Texas

But that’s what’s happening with the Load Balancing needed for the Variables — there are Volunteers and Space for Variable 1 in Dallas-Fort Worth, and conversely supplies in Dallas-Fort Worth can be mobilized for Variable 2 as long as they can get close enough to have an effect.

Variable 3 basically asserts in this situation, FEMA and whatever IT Network Assets in Texas can make a great difference in moving things smoother than might be expected in the circumstances. The great thing is, you know, I kind of think they’re already working on this really, really hard and I hope they succeed. Texas is a can-do place with a serious gonna-do face.

Six flags and counting y’all
Here’s the kicker though…there might be a “Pit Stop” for thousands of people and families to help them get through the rest of the year with some smiles. One that needs no introduction…the one…the only…

The State Fair of Texas 2017

How many families that are from South Texas and the Gulf might never have had a chance to come up and see it yet? Maybe once a while ago? Would anybody turn down a bit of a side trip, almost a vacation, for a couple day passes and a place to stay while the Volunteers help with coordinating paperwork coming up from South and using some of the DFW facilities?

The State Fair of Texas lasts for many weeks, and it’s a fantastic experience that I can’t come close to doing justice to right now. All I want is to share an idea, that with the great support and fundraising going toward a Texas Tradition that might be a real magnet for healing.

Let’s find a way to set up a Transition Station (or Network of Stations) where the main attraction is getting to spend the day at the State Fair of Texas as some paperwork and clothing and supplies needs are sorted.

It’s going to be Fall in DFW soon enough, and probably still really Hot after these systems relocate. Houston and South Texas won’t be drying out quickly, nor the re-build like re-booting a phone.

There’s going to be some time to fill for the Displaced Peoples and families; creating a viable Load Balancing flow with a nice South Dallas Inland Port like John Wiley Price admires all these years could be almost Presidential.

Those of us who have visited on occasions know there’s more to the State Fair of Texas than just Corn Dogs, Football, and Midway Games considering the Exhibits and History and great Art to take in…so I’m not inferring anything magic could take place…but then again…

I didn’t make this but I saved it to show you so you’re welcome

Please Help As Able — This is a Long-Term Crisis

As much as this might seem light or a way out of investment, I’m actually getting some supplies and clothes out of places I haven’t checked on in probably a while. There’s stuff I know I can get into the system, even if it takes some washing and sorting and whatnot. I’m not losing this stuff the way people have lost things, and I know it’s not ideal for the Person on the other side really…

But this thing isn’t going to be done after this weekend. There will be more items I can find, cash between the cushions too for getting this Recovery on the right track, one we can appreciate together. There will be Lessons to learn, to reflect on later, sure, but for now…this is genuinely a first.

We have watched a Natural Disaster Documentary in Real-Time. Unfortunately when the cameras turn off, the Work still needs to be done. Please keep that in mind!