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Will never, ever forget the Summer Sanitarium Tour in Dallas where James was hurt and the show turned into a bunch of guest spots and random fun involving Kid Rock, System of a Down, and Korn. And then there was when Lars tried to play “Blind” with Korn. Couldn’t make it out of the hi-hat intro. Four times.

Seeing an Audio Engineer essentially cutting and pasting drum sections together in “Some Kind of Monster” was really eye opening as well. Sometimes you don’t want to see behind the curtain. Sometimes it can be a real way to mature, to see how other people take short-cuts, gloss over their glaring flaws and think nothing of it.

10 years ago I thought Metallica should hold an open contest to replace all the members of the band with guys in their early 20s, and the band as we know it would retire, maybe do some other stuff, but pass the torch. Today? I still wouldn’t mind. Maybe then I could afford a ticket.