6Block is a mining pool focusing on exciting projects in the blockchain space such as Handshake and Filecoin.

Since the launch of the Filecoin testnet Phase II, 6Block has focused on Filecoin mining optimization and debugging. The purpose of the testnet is to encourage the community to find as many bugs as possible, and 6Block is glad to contribute. 6Block found an inflation bug in the process, where people can exploit this bug to generate Filecoin tokens indefinitely. As we know, the total supply of Filecoin will be 2 billion, to be released over decades, similar to Bitcoin. However, due…

What is the configuration of a USD 6,000 Filecoin miner?

Written by Xujiao, Huang, published on May 25th, 2020, on Odaily, a blockchain media for the exclusive strategic cooperation of the 36Kr Group.

Original post in Chinese: https://www.odaily.com/post/5150521

On the evening of May 21st, 6Block, one of the Filecoin’s top ten mining pools, publicly shared its Filecoin mining hardware specs. And it attracted community attention.

Filecoin was founded in 2017 with total fundraising of 257 million US dollars. It is one of the largest ICOs in the history of blockchain and also the longest-awaited star project in the industry. …

6Block Core Developer Lee White on Filecoin Mining Optimization

Lee White, 6Block core developer joins Kevin Branigan on today’s episode of 6Block Podcast.

Lee and Kevin discuss the basics of Filecoin mining, what 6Block can offer, and the mining landscape after the launch of Filecoin test net Phase II on May 14th, 2020.

6Block is a mining pool focusing on unicorn tokens. Launched in February 2020, 6Block initially supported Handshake mining and has been a top 10 mining pool for Handshake since inception. Filecoin is the second token that 6Block supports and it has been a top 10 miner since the launch of Filecoin test net Phase II. …

Written by Star Li, translated from the original article.

Part of Lotus PoSt (Proof of Spacetime) has changed from electionPoSt to two new PoSt; one is winningPoSt and the other is windowPoSt. Let ’s talk about winningPoSt first. winningPoSt, as the name suggests, is PoSt when it is winning. The so-called winning is to obtain the block reward.

Simply put, winningPoSt is a sector randomly checked, and the 66 randomly selected Merkle paths in this sector are correct. The code logic begins with the code of Lotus go. …

Three drivers: algorithm, hash power, storage

Author: BengGe

1. Filecoin Business Background

With the continuous development of computer technology, more and more data is produced. According to statistics, newly generated data is growing in geometric progression every year. And with the continuous popularization of the Internet of Things technology and 5G technology in the future, the speed of data production will also accelerate. Therefore, data storage and transmission are likely to become bottlenecks restricting the development of technology. The Filecoin technical solution is to solve the problem of data storage and transmission.

In 2017, the Filecoin project raised 186 million in one hour, and eventually raised…

FileCoin is 6block’s next Unicorn project, we’ve been following FileCoin’s development for years and are amazed with ther technology as well with the unique solutions it’ll bring to improve and help grow the entire blockchain industry.

6block is already running internal tests and will be ready for FileCoin’s launch, we will offer a series of options for our miners to provide them with options to mine this amazing coin.

A revolutionary blockchain project

FileCoin uses a completely new algorithm which can only be mined with CPU at the time of writing, full documentation on how to mine will be provided before launch in order…

We’re happy to announce the winners for our Free Mars H1 ASIC giveaway!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this event, the turnout has been great as our community grew during this event.

For this event, we are giving away 3 ASICS (Deliveries will begin June 12th), we’ll reach out to each one of the winners directly in order to get their shipping information.

Without further ado, here’s our winners!! Big round of applause for all of them!:

Rok Popovic




Jo Claes


Again, congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to our amazing community!

6block Mining Pool

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