Andrew Hart, iOS Product Developer: CV
Andrew Hart

Please Andrew,

My iPod that stores all my precious journal entries for the last three years is about to go to iPod heaven forever. It is an ancient, 4th gen touch screen that cannot be updated. I need to know how I can transfer my entries to my new iPhone, or laptop, iCloud, anything, please. There are so many memories that I built using your Journalized app that I don’t want to lose. It’s kept me alive during my darkest days, reminds me why I keep going. You are the same age that my brother David would have been if he had not committed suicide at 22 years on October 27, 2014. Journalized helped me get through that time by allowing me to save my thoughts, ultimately my own life.

Please help me.

Tell me how I can save my life.

My name is Rebecca Taylor.

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