How to Hire a Good SEO Company

Hiring a Good SEO Company can prove to be the most daunting task for any business owners. There are 1000s of companies claiming to be experts, and there are 1000s of companies claiming to have worked for more than 5000–10,000 clients. The list is never ending, and it would be just too difficult for anyone to verify each of these clients.

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You need to provide only four basic things to get the best quote from any SEO Company. These four things are listed below:-

a) Your targeted keyword

b) Your targeted search engine

c) Your targeted Geo-Location

d) Your Monthly Seo Budget

How to Choose Best SEO Company in India?

a) Ask about their experience — You must know for how long they have been in SEO business.

b) Monthly Report — Ask if you will get complete SEO report on every single activity done during the month. If the company does not show its willingness to provide you monthly SEO report consisting of backlinks report and see activities which were undertaken, then you should better select someone else. The Truth of SEO industry is that 95% of the Seo Companies will avoid providing your backlinking report when it comes to monthly reports. Backlinks are the most powerful element in any SEO campaign. However, building spam comment backlinks, and getting links from spam websites will hurt your rankings as well as your brand. It is important to get 100% complete report which will outline every single update made on your website.

c) Start SEO with 5–10 Keywords — If you have a new website, you can kick start your SEO campaign with 5–10 Keywords or MAX 20 Keywords. Never outsource to SEO company with a list of 50–100 Keywords. It is very important to observe the progress made during the initial phase of SEO. Once you are satisfied with the progress, you can, of course, increase the number of keywords.

d) Seo Company should have expertise in Web Design/Development — Any Seo Company should have a complete understanding of the website design and development process and should be able to handle all the technical updates which are required to optimize your website.

e) Pricing — Pricing is another crucial factor in SEO. You have to select SEO Company which offers you best price. SEO Process can take 3–6 months easily. PPC Campaigns on Google, Bing and other few websites are going to consume their share of the budget. So you have to be very careful when it comes to the budget.

There is a wrong myth in SEO industry that you need to go with premium SEO companies which charge you 5000–1000 dollars per month. We have seen reports from such companies charging $5000/Month, and I can tell you it was worse than what you can get from a high school graduate who has no experience in SEO. If the client has a list of just 2–5 Keywords and wishes to set up PPC Campaign, do you think it would be justifiable to charge 1000 dollars for the same?

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