Iraq Typography

Muntadher Saleh Artwork Iraq Typography he made it in 2019 during the revolution of 25th of October it’s describe the unity of the Iraqis and how they are like the wall of the letters that he made the map of Iraq with them, each letter represent an Idea and thought we are different but we are together we have to make sure we are unified and on the same side to make sure that we would win he choose the Arabic letters for two reasons the first because he is and all the revolutionaries are Arabian and the second because the Arabic letters are really differ with each other but they make the Arabic language just like how they will make the Iraq great Again

BY : Muntadher Saleh

“The Immortal martyr”

This Artwork work in honor of one of the martyrs of the October Revolution in Iraq, Ahmed Mhana sold his soul to his homeland where he was before the revolution a war photographer in danger of himself but he survived the war and was later martyred in peaceful demonstrations this artwork is made by his deep and beautiful words like " Do not burn my country Chanchelle that I adore " and like " Baghdad and I are great " and because the martyrs are immortals , I dedicate this artwork to his immortal soul .

Marilyn Monroe Line Art Artwork By Muntadher Saleh

This Artwork of Marilyn Monroe Show how she was beautiful and sad if you focus in here eyes you can see the sadness and the line fade this sadness especially with her red lipstick and how she was embedded in here shape rather than her joy

-Marilyn Monroe Artwork By Muntadher Saleh

Without You Everything Is Hideous

She has never been perfect but sacred.

We are nothing but uttered words

How are you?, sweetheart, here I am writing these letters and your thought does not leave me and here you are still the closest to me since that day, which did not end until now. I scatter my letters in front of your beautiful eyes to tell you that I am wrong and guilty ; Although I have not forgotten you for a moment, even while I am trying to convince myself that everything is finished from your point of view, but I make up for it and say well, this is enough for me to try to snatch her…

“أتدرون مَن كانْ في العراقِ يسعىٰ
وَ يَحطُ الرحالَ أينَ ما يَبغىٰ
لَقد كانْ فِينا مِنْ كُل أُمةٍ فردًا
و كأنَ العراقَ لَيس لهُ أهلًا
وَ جَميعَ مَنْ وِلدوا فيهِ ندًا
ليسَ لخارجٍ عنهم بَل لِبعضهم بعضًا
خَرجنا لقلةِ الحياةِ لدينًا
و تَمتْ حينَ ذلكَ تَصفيتنا
و كَثُر القَتلُ فينا
نُريدُ حياةً ووطنًا كريمًا
فَردوا بل تُريدونَ أنْ تَسلِبونا و تَحرقوننا
رَددنا إليهم الموتُ رَفضنا
فقالوا بِموتكم اليومَ جئنا
فجئناهم نَمشي نَحملُ أعلامنا
و قَد فَتحوا حِينها النارَ علينا
فصارتْ جثثناً تَبكي دِمائنا
و أسلِحتهم تَقطرْ مِنْ أرواحِنا
صَرخنا كُلنا و حَرَّى قُلوبنا
لَنْ نَتركَ بينَ يَديكم وَطننا”

Save me

It’s an Artwork made by Muntadher Saleh it’s resemble the disappointment when we count on someone to save us but no one does it’s break us from inside.

The letters are in Arabic because the artist is from Iraq his native language is Arabic

What do you think who should save us ?

Muntadher Saleh

Muntadher Saleh is Iraqi Writer,Artist and Pharmacist he has a lot of writings posted them in different websites and a lot of artworks took place in Wikiart

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