Doxing seems to be okay on GAB if you are on the right side of the sites owners.

panzer maiden
May 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Gab is a site designed to be a “freedom of speech” social media website and i agree that the site is a pro-freedom of speech site, very little people seem to get banned. However that’s where the title comes into play. They don’t seem to enforce the rules on, or at least are very slow to do anything.

It should be said that the site is very right slanted, full of Neo-Nazis, edgy racists and conspiracy theorists. There is also a very slim leftist community.

I should probably add that i personally don’t use the site. I did try and use it when my friend (who i would refer Isaiah) joined in December to troll various alt-right figures and i made an account today to prove a point and showcase the blatant hypocrisy and provide us with a reason to make this article.

For context, we are going to talk about “Jack Corbin”. For those who don’t know, Jack Corbin is the alt-rights premium political opponent dox king. He is the man that wastes his time “identifying” anti-fascists and posts their names and photos online for all his violent far-right buddies to see. Isaiah has been trolling him for a while now and he usually argues that he “identifies” and does not post addresses or means them harm whenever he’s questioned on the subject. He also refers to non-white people with horrific names, hangs around with Christopher “crying” Cantwell and recently started some weird conspiracy about antifa working with the US government to do something.

When asked, a spoke person for Jack Corbin said “I’m not doxing anyone and you’re full of s**t.” A spoke person for gab was not available.

Google’s definition of a dox: “is search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.”

Doxing is against gab’s TOS, so why do they allow “Jack Corbin” to get away with it? I recently decided to preform a little experiment, i made an account and message its owners in an abusive manor. Only amy, the sites owners mother, responded and there was a back and fourth in which she told me that i would be ban if i doxed anyone and that its against TOS.

last week Isaiah reported many of “Jack Corbin” doxing posts and none have been removed as of today (06/5/2018). They also mentioned this with the staff of the site, nothing happened. Yet as we saw today and in the past with paul nehlen, doxing is against the rules. So why are they still up?

Although we support freedom of speech, people like “Jack Corbin” are the enemy of free speech. He and other like him aim to chill the speech of the people he targets and he is posting his enemies info to a site frequented by possibly armed extremists.

If you want to see us dismantle various white supremacists online, feel free to follow our gab accounts here and here.

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