Web Pay — Process Self-Storage Payment online

Reserve and Pay Online — Quick and Easy Setup with 6storage

As you sweep into the new world of mobile search, make an online payment on your site to avail your customers an option to pay on due . The online world is all about providing convenience and usefulness to customers and it needs to build trust among customers. Pay Online also make customers to buy merchandise listed on the website which will help to increase Merchandise sale.

While offering discounts, you should avail online pay to comfort customers at the last minutes of discount before it gets closed. The way of only Sending reminders can’t helpful to renew Unit subscription. Providing customized and well designed customer portal by 6storage to pay and Reserve online, can make a quick and hassle fee payment option for your customers.

As per statistics,99% of customers use online payments. Out of that,73% uses in a month and 24% in a week and the cost of a paper bill, including postage,printing,Storage and admin almost cost 9.3% of collecting amounts. Mainly, Requesting our customers to pay cheques when competitors having online payment on their site will lose them in the future definitely. The online pay on your website can improve reputation in the way of giving flexibility to customers.

Assured safe and secure payment options to customers is proven by 6storage that avoids overspending of card or mobile wallet transaction.

6storage appreciate the cashless pay to save our environment.

6storage offering online pay feature with low transaction fees.

The more likely you keep on getting payments when you make it convenient for your customers.