Have you contacted their domain privacy entity to discover what name or entity is associated with…
Kelvin Lu

Hi Kelvin,

First thanks for reading and for your response.

I did not but if my new lawyers advise me to do that I certainly will. Thanks for the suggestion. And a crime was indeed committed but depending on the jurisdiction it might be hard to get the registrar to cooperate. From the information I have gathered the exchange is based in Ukraine with servers in Germany.

If I haven’t used law enforcement it’s because my old lawyer discouraged me, the amount of Dash stolen in US$ at the time was less than $10,000 s not worth it according to him. The price of 308 Dash is now $92,000.

As for my evangelist status, you are right I should have been more cautious but at the same time I did not know C-CEX.com had been hacked (most of the cryptocurrency media failed to report on it) and in early 2014 very few exchanges were supporting Darkcoin (now Dash) or why I was left with few options and I chose C-CEX.com because it looked the “most professional”.

I was wrong but you learn from your mistakes isn’t it? For instance I was a early Bitcoin user and never did I trust MT-GOX knowing how badly Karpeles was running his other businesses (e.g. Kalyhost.com).

Would you like to add something?