“This Domain Is For Sale”

UPDATED 2019–3–21

It’s been one month since I published that post and have already made a couple sales for a total of $3,000. Not bad 🤔. I’ve decided to prolong the experiment for another month while working on a new (old) idea called bitcoinnames.com.

For the next 30 days I am doing an experiment and redirecting all my domains to Medium.com.

Why? By cutting the middlemen I save 15 to 20% in fees and therefore I can offer my domains at a cheaper cost. But why Medium.com? By redirecting my domains here instead of a parking page I keep my domains “clean” of ads and spams. I also generate traffic for my posts like this one for example which I invite you to read before making an offer.

With your offer you can also include a link to a Medium post about your project and if I like it we can work out a deal and save you 💲💲💲.

Here is a price barometer based on my 10 years as a domain investor so please don’t presume I don’t know the value of my domains (I do):

Top sale price: $60,000

Average price sale*: $3,000-$5,000

Average offer: $1,000-$3,000

Minimum offer: $500

Payment options: Escrow.com, Wire transfer, Credit Card (via Revolut), Bitcoin, etc.

Contact: max [@] intern.et (.et not .net)

*sale prices on demand