70kft was born in the summer of 2003 in an apartment outside of Charlotte, North Carolina with a giant CRT monitor, Mac G3 and a blackberry. Today, the agency shepherds marketing for some of the globe’s top enterprise technology brands. 70kft is a teenager now — in our fourteenth year — coming into our own, embracing who we are and doubling-down on what we do best.

Smells like Teen Spirit

Around us all, the world is in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, and it’s bringing about dramatic global change made possible by the explosion of internet and mobile technology over the last ten years. Our experience over the last decade has uniquely prepared us for mastery in this revolution.

Whether one is selling Nikes or AWS EC2, people don’t want marketing to be directed at them. Having a real conversation and demonstrating real value is key to breaking through. Entertain, don’t pander. Build empathy. Speak their language. Following these principles, some of the most high-profile and valuable brands in enterprise technology were built, revitalized or propelled by our team.

Coming of Age

We are a brand design and marketing agency devoted to and specializing in enterprise technology. This means … We’re a design firm. We’re brand strategists. We’re digital marketers. We’re writers. Strategic storytellers. Web developers. Sometimes we’re clowns, soccer stars, off-roaders — but we’re always bringing our experiences and perspectives back to the constantly evolving enterprise space which is the vanguard of the future.

We’ve developed a unique understanding of how to create relevant, influential and memorable experiences in this space. Today, that mastery is expanding into cybersecurity, Big Data, the Internet of Things, as well as the intersecting spaces of those categories, most interesting of which is artificial intelligence.

We’re thrilled to be alongside the companies creating the technology making this exciting future. That’s our privilege. That’s our focus. Join us.

Graphic Designer born in Chicago, raised in Minnesota, now rooted in Dallas, Texas. Formerly 70kft & Cyxtera. Now a Client Engagment Partner at VSA Partners.