When The Brand > The Product

“But what happens on that strange occasion when you love the brand more than the product?” -Phil Johnson

The jury might still be out on the shave’s quality, but the experience leading up to it is spot-on.

I spent some time this weekend catching up on my Pocketed articles. Among them was a Forbes story by Phil Johnson, “How’s A Man Supposed To Get A Good Shave? The Story Of Harry’s And The Razor Wars.”

I remember saving this to read later because I’ve been considering trying Harry’s for about a year (and have been diligently remarketed to by them for nearly that whole time). But for me, the value of this article was more about succeeding in customer relationships than it was about the author’s experience with the product.

As a marketer, this is why I have to continually force myself to see past the initial steps of getting users to my clients’ websites — there’s a lot of strategic trust-building that needs to happen during and after that first visit before we can demonstrate an online “win.”

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