Why Scrum is the Wrong Way to Build Software
Adam Ard

Scrum is not the silver bullet that IT departments believe it is. But what you describe sounds like traditional, swaggering, Arbeitslager PMs putting on a scrum master badge and plying their micromanagement to achieve “metrics”. True scrum masters should SERVE the developers and shield them from the POs (if they even bother to show up before they start complaining after deployment). Developers should divvy up the tasks among themselves according to their interests and expertise. As a PM cum scrum master, my job is to get the extra RAM, software licenses, fill out paperwork, and represent the team to the PO and PMO. I hate to admit I almost don’t care about the tool that tracks burn-down and velocity and crap like that as long as I know progress is being made toward a product that will work reliably when it’s deployed on time. The only “interchangeability” of programmers I’ve experienced is when one’s mother died the others stepped in to complete his tasks. If the scrum master is not protecting you from the wolves at the door, s/he’s not doing his/her job.

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