Best Electric Nail Dabber in 2018

One of the best way to dab concentrate is on an electric nail for dabbing. E-nails have quickly replaced the old torch and added a new way for stoners to get medicated.

Sold by a variety of different companies, each one boasts it’s own unique features from LED lights to portable ones that don’t require a power outlet. Pretty simple to use, just plug it in and set your temperate after you have attached the coil to your nail.

Titanium, ceramic, and quartz nails are all compatible although different coils are required for each. Really just depends on your preference although the different materials affect the taste of your dabs. Not by much but when I dab I prefer using quartz since I feel like it lets me get the full taste of my concentrate.

New portable electric nail dabbers come equipped with their own dabber and carb cap. Just charge it up and take it for on the go dabs. Different glass attachments have been released into the market and some even resemble small glass rigs.

Note: Using a carb cap with an e-nail is key to low temperature dabs. There’s a bunch of different kinds of carb caps now, I have the UFO styled one and I love it!

So don’t miss out on tasty dabs and get yourself an electric nail for dabbing today! Ranging in prices, I’ve listed a couple of great options that you can’t go wrong with. Just pick the one that best suits your needs and catches your eye and start dabbing like a pro.