Holiday season around the world

Every where around the world people have different religions and beliefs which then cause for different traditions. So every where holiday time looks different, from here in America with Santa and our Christmas. Then also our new years having parties and courting down for the new year to start. But every where around the world they all have different takes on these holidays.

Russia- Slavic holiday celebrated before Great Lent. Usually known as pancake week because that week they eat blinis which are just thin pancakes covered in a variety of toppings. They eat these because it represents the sun that comes at the end of winter. During that week they also have many family and community gathering and usually snow ball fights too. Then at the end of the week they burn a straw effigy to represent winter season.

Puerto Rico- They have a slowly growing party that consist of Christmas caroling, friends will show up unannounced at each-others front doors while singing and playing instruments. They get invited to sing, dance and eat their traditional food. They do this until its time to move to the next house, they move from house to house till dawn, when everyone then goes home.

Brazil- Brazilians dress in white to represent purity and and prosperity. They then gather by the ocean to honor the passing year and welcome the new one. They light candles, have fireworks and throw flowers in the ocean as an offering.

Ireland- The Irish will light a candle and at midnight open their front door to welcome the new year coming. Some places women will beat the door with bread while yelling happy new year. They do this for luck in the hope the dark haired man will be the first person to cross the threshold.