Why I’m writing pseudonymously

Because honestly, it’s either that or nothing.

I want to share. I want to connect. I want to create.

My existing online connections and ‘identity’ give me pause. I feel hesitant to create/share/connect when my connections know what I’m doing because I fear judgement. I fear misunderstanding. My ideas often come out half-baked but I want to share them safely.

I need to be able to express and share and form new connections without any friction or worry of friction coming from my existing people.

To this end, I’m working on figuring out what online anonymity or pseudonymity means to me. So far here’s what I’ve got:

  • I’m not worried about Google or Facebook really. I’m not going to try to fix for myself the possibility that a behemoth can see what I’m typing or reading. Realizing that this is not my goal makes this process easier.
  • I want to share without the possibility of judgement. I already have ways of sharing with them and these new ideas should be separate. I want to be judged based on the content I share under my current sphere of identity. It’s compartmentalized and safe.
  • It’s liberating to think that I can create an experimental identity and go with it. I have things (projects, ideas) that fit under this identity. Others that fit into my ‘real’ identity. With separate spheres, there’s just no need to hesitate to share anything.

I am interested in feedback! What advice have you got? Do you go pseudonymously? What are you reading/writing/building?

Next I will write about technology and methods that support separate identity spheres. What sites and apps should be avoided? Or are there ways to use certain products that make them effectively safe and compartmentalized?

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