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Social Science General: Novel

The author holds back no punches. As a disclaimer this novel was written for the appropriate reading age of twenty one and above, although the subject matter may be racially intense or distressing to some but the material content is necessary and presents a form of modern day form of slavery in which the author claim to be the extremist attitudes of bigotry and hatred that he feels must be addressed adequately and responsibly regarding Americas race relations with emphasis placed on racism. The author considers himself as a modern day visionary and artist facing this crisis with our nations social political, humanitarian and civil liberties situations. Which are all problems and concerns that if we don’t attempt to repair then our children will certainly inherit and reap these unfounded hardships. The material content of this novel is fair and balanced on the Americas race relations situations and issues given credence to the black plight and consciousness or persuasion as indentured individuals or second class citizens. This book or manuscript is written as a spiritual narrative laying aside all manner of religious symbolism and or secular ideologies which is all about exclusion in the authors opinion. It’s appropriate reading material for all races, creeds and nationalities to venture inside the real American dilemmas from a black perspective. I should know because I started writing this compelling novel thirty years or so ago as a journal. Although, my novel is fact based written in fiction. Therefore, this manuscript is a surprise source of reading material, information or a learning tool for myself well as it is for my entire reading audience.

As a second disclaimer this text was written for the appropriate reading age of 21 or older or with exception and for the exclusive purpose and intentions to be taught in this nations schools, technical colleges and or universities bringing awareness to the realities why black lives matter while keeping focus on the fact that we’re all the Father’s children. But as indentured citizens its a must to keep in mind and a spot light on the black quest for freedom here in America. Therefore the topic of focus stems from as far back to our initial indoctrination from being transported to this Continent as slaves to real time USA as it still presents itself with these same modern day atrocities, but covertly hidden and given rise to an even greater problem on Americas’ horizon. From once being the former indentured children of slaves to visualizing ourselves then and now still being displaced into a situation quite similar or consistent with standards of apartheid rendering to modern day genocide though under the guise or emblem of our country being a color blind society. As the author of this novel I’ve realized that if we don’t get a handle on our race relations issues then it would be our failure not to act in a coherent or productive manner to decrease these perplexing dangers as they will render to such unfounded behaviors in the long run catering to worldly confrontation or destruction at biblical standards or proportions. Therefore, my point is that we as God fearing individuals can put a stop to all this madness before it become the ruin of us all here on earth. All glory to God!

My overall aim is to start up a non profit business foundation geared to help the indigent of this nation also for the conflicted which consist of the spiritually lost and mentally confused which consist for all the corrupt hard heart and or the greed mongering folks of our society in order to place them on notice and inform everyone that its time to get right. Furthermore, encourage these insensitive rulers of this nation which consist of those in high class ruling positions both here and throughout the world that these are the Fathers children that they are devouring, it’s times for all of us to pause and take note that these are still biblical days. Saying this, to say that unchecked evil don’t die. It only multiply!

My focus which is to encourage everyone from the NBA, NFL or NHL up to including the wealthy and financially well off of this nation to participate in my active humanitarian project by buying or purchasing novels at retail prices and have them earmarked as charity for our nations private sectors. So as to be allocated for the poor and indigent who are the less fortunate and disenfranchised of our nation, so that everyone whom wish to have a copy of this Social Science General manuscript will be able to have one until they becomes a house hold fixture. I’m calling on and attempting to solicit all colleges and active student government members, church groups including community leaders and or activists. Everyone can join or participate in these promotional opportunities and sell of these novels while at the same time they can earn extra funds while gaining a formidable understanding of their present day disposition concerning Americas race relations issues, and problems with racism.

What I am in need of is joining a partnership with a private business firm or organization and or entity that already has a 501c3 non profit account. Or the necessary upfront cash to bank roll my campaign. From my business knowledge and understanding of how to handle finances, I will need an under distributors to help with financial grants, charitable transactions and contributions and this way all large donations from business dealings can and will be properly managed or regulated properly for IRS tax purposes.

Lastly, concerning proceeds as one year offer I am willing to make an offer of a 50% / 50% percent split on all profits made from proceeds rendered from our book sells being that I can purchase my personal novels @ $ 12.00 each: Then sell my books in bulk sales or with marked down prices @ discount rates from $29.99 to $ 25.99 for the purchase of 50, 500 to 1000 per unit volume sales. My mission statement is to provide social intelligence in regards to our race relations concerns. Also to encourage a proper social-political dialog and to do this feat its my aim to have my book distributed all throughout the country and or placed into everyone living rooms for reduced prices even for free to those them that really can’t afford to purchase one.


Author: Johnny Smith

Contact Author directly for this special sales offer: Spanish & English book versions are available. Visit my website: Please follow links, support

Author: Deacon J. Smith
P.O. Box 91147
Milwaukee, WI 53209

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