corey d. seaton

I am determined to keep advertising with all the tools that I have available and at my disposal. Hence, my novel was written 30yrs ago on the American history from a black persuasion titled: “America in Street Language Prophetic” This contemporary novel starts from the mid 1500’s to present, exposing the black plight here in our country. However, when I began to write my novel which first started off as a personal journal, it had became apparent that my very own odyssey had light similar to others. That I could possibly enlightening others through my book. Therefore, I’d combined my very own journey into my life’s story as it became the raw buck naked truth about racism and its causes and effects. But, I realized that there was not a market for my material or manuscript on the hard core facts regarding racism up until. President Obama became elect into office as our nations 44th president when our freedom of speech exercises became more fluent for blacks from their lack of fear of overtly clauses pertaining our freedoms of speech in the past.

However, now that there is a market for my novel just as any writer with a compassionate spirit for their cause including myself taking the risk of being under constant scrutiny or from verbal to physical attacks from the powers at be while exposing the real black ordeal and legacy of racism is a fact of life from a black perspective. Now that we have made tremendous strives and head waves forth in this country, we can’t stop here, because we’ve only just begun, we can’t allow our ancestors their hard affords and deeds appear manual to ours: Join me and let’s go forth to lay aside all dead waits of adversities and usher more love. Also, visit me: jpsprofessional/face book or on amazon.