747 a Day

If a 747 crashed every day the world would take notice. People die every day from drug overdose, but few seem to take notice, yet alone do something about it. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), overdose deaths caused by opioids have quadrupled since 1999. In 2015, more than 33,000 deaths were attributed to opioid overdose alone. In addition, more than half of those overdoses were caused by prescribed opioids.

STAT news forecasted that in the next decade, the United States will lose approximately half a million, 500,000, people to drug overdoses. The secretary of Health and Human Services has even said “We lose a Vietnam [war] every single year to drug overdoses.” To put that in perspective, the Vietnam War lasted about 20 years. So every year, we lose roughly the same number of American lives to drug overdoses that we did during a 20 year period of war. STAT news also estimated that America loses 100 people a day to overdoses, and if it continues to what has been considered the worst case scenario, the daily death toll could possibly rise to 250 people per day.

Organizations, agencies and emergency services around the country work tirelessly to provide awareness, prevention and treatment services; however, it is not enough to end the epidemic. They need help spreading the message of awareness and prevention along with additional funding to provide the resources necessary to addicts.

The following links give more specific information about the epidemic and ways to hopefully minimize loss and eventually end the epidemic.

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