Seven other uses you may not know for Flash USB

If you have a USB flash drive, you are definitely using it to store and transfer files to and from your computer because it is easy to use, but … did you think it could be used more !!!
Here are seven other uses you may not know for Flash

First use: With a simple change in the Flash memory settings, you can convert it to a Ram tool. This will increase the performance of your device in a more powerful way. The more Flash memory space, the faster the Format for flash memory then click on Properties and then select Ready boost. This Device.

Second Use:
You can use Flash Memory as a protection tool for your computer by using Predator Free Editions. Once you have downloaded this software to your computer and installed it, connect your flash memory to recognize the program. Then, once you remove the flash memory, your screen will turn to locks and will not open. Except when you connect the flash memory through the USB port.

Third use:
One of the most common uses of flash memory is the installation of some antivirus programs and malware, which is one of the most famous Kaspersky Rescue Disk and once the flash memory is connected to the computer automatically starts the program and begins to remove various viruses.
Fourth use:
You can also install the wonderful Parted Magic on Flash Memory and use this program to partition the hard disk space in a safe and safe way and use that method instead of the traditional way to damage the hard disk and burn it.
Fifth use:
In an attempt to save space on some computers, you can use Portable Apps, where you can install different programs on your Flash memory and run them on any other computer once you connect the flash memory to this device and always use that method with computers with weak capabilities .
Sixth use:
You can also run the Linux operating system distributions on your Flash memory through Pendrivelinux by downloading and installing the software on your computer.
Seventh use:
With the latest use, the most important of these uses is the ability to synchronize data between the Flash Memory and different computers through the GoodSyncGo program and that way alternative to the manual and known method, which takes a lot of time and effort, it is considered much easier and faster.

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