My experience at Andela Bootcamp so far… day4

Day 4 is gone. All I want to say today is that Andela Bootcamp is no place for the faint-hearted. The bootcamp experience pushes you to your limits and makes you consider even the smallest details of your work. Yes, as they like to say, the devil is in the details and he will make your code fail.

If you are still trying to comprehend the meaning of the above paragraph in relation to software development, ask any programmer about their story with the semicolon. Most of us have at least one horror story from their early days of coding. Chances are that the story will stretch in the direction of the stupidity of computers. Yes stupidity. A computer will process billions of instructions per second but it will not insert that missing semicolon in your code. See how incredibly stupid they can be? I realize that I’m already starting to sound bitter and if I told you my semicolon story, you would understand, so let’s just go to what triggered this flashback.

After completing my assignments for yesterday, I quickly perused through the next day’s(today’s) tasks and I was grateful. Things would finally get soft, even if it was for a day. Come today, I started working on my labs slightly laid back, after all it was just simple algorithms. Within minutes, my code was done and working at least when tested with my own metrics. Quickly, I copied it from my text editor and pasted it onto the Andela Labs web interface, hit the test button and waited. Test failed. Why? No idea at first. Surprised, I hit the test button again. Same result. Yeah, yeah, I know about Einstein and his “…expecting different results…” quote, but I don’t think you can blame me.

So back to the drawing board I went and after hours of debugging and testing amid a pool of frustration, the relentlessness finally paid off. I just had to be more thorough with my logic and my tests. 
I can say that this was a lesson worth the pain.