The Life Movement !!! ♐ ☀

The MoVement Of the My #FRIENDS ARE To. Close For me.
This Story Of My FRIENDS.

( #1 )
#On A Last Time Ago. When i was Saw A To many People In My Life they Have To Become a my friends and i To want so many friends because Of they can do anything for Friendship maturity , And they have no answer To For any question Of our Friendship Unity, and when ever i was in trouble they will help me. and when ever they have a problem i tO help Them. because he help me. not for that its a clarify to My #GOOD_FRIEND.

( #2 )
And the One day i was In big trouble they are not there with me. i thought that they are came only for they problem then they should No about me. And the came after my problem was solved. they came again on front Of me., 
Q1. i said why u came near me. 
A1. they said what happen dude !!!

Q2. And i said U all are nOt at all my friends .? 
A2. they said bro why u saying like that !!!

Q3. when i was in Big problem u all are didnt came i was thought that u will come and help me.?
A3. they said me bro really i dont know about that u have been in problem !!!

Q4. when u want to come near me u have a problem. But when i was in big problem u all not important to u all thats why u all not came.? 
A4 Bro Dont say like that really bro i dont know wht u happen and orelse.
if i know that u r in problem i really come to u !!! But no one said that u have in problem !!!

Prince Vikas ♐ ☀ That story Written By. P.V That story Only About my #Bestie,Crazy,Coolest&Awesome GooD Friends. they did not Help me. one One last Night…..:( :(

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