Why update the website content consistently?

In our previous blog post, we learned about content rich web designs. We know the importance of having quality website content for top performance in search engines. But, it doesn’t ends there. Content needs to be updated consistently.

You might have noticed your search engine rankings varying. This is because search engines are constantly looking for new contents. Search engines like Google rank websites higher whose contents were updated recently. Google allocates a freshness score to each and every page, but the score degrades as the content gets older. Here we will share few reasons why updating contents consistently is important:

Get noticed by Google:

Every time you blog or add a new page, makes Google think your site is of more importance and needs to be indexed. This improves the chances of your site being visited and indexed frequently by Google. However the ranking is based on factors like links towards your site and the keywords that you use. The point is to update the website with quality contents that attract the visitors.

Get more keywords ranked:

By adding fresh contents by blogging or adding new pages, you have the opportunity to add more and more keywords. If you update your blog on a subject with the perfect mix of keywords, chances are your website is going to be ranked higher for those keywords too. Every time you add a new blog post with the keywords you target, search engines think your website as the right source for the visitors. But that does not mean you have to create your content based on the keywords that you target. Make it look natural and only add the keywords if it fits in the content. It is all about creating quality contents that provides information for the visitors.

Watch your competitors:

Your competitors might be blogging, creating videos and updating new events on their business website, so why let them get ahead of you? Keep tabs on you competitors and figure out what are they sharing? What type of website contents are they after?

To keep your website updated, having a blog on your website is the perfect way. This lets your visitors understand what is happening in the industry. By consistently updating the website content you are inviting more visitors to your site. If you have more thoughts on updating contents on your website, please comment below or tweet us @76DegreesEast.