Purposeful Story-Telling

That’s Pretty much what Modern Social Media is all about.

Put Away your Fancy Cameras and Re-assign your Professionally Curated Popular Figures — ANYONE can be Star
All you Need is a Creative, Authentic Presentation, an Collaborative, Flexible Mind and a Compassionate, Inviting Heart.

Every Moment is a Story
Every Story is an Experience.
Every Experience is Worth Celebrating and Broadcasting.

When you View Life through the Productive Lens of Learning Experiences and Meaningful Interactions, then you may be Delighted to find your Day-to-Day Experiences becoming Increasingly Enjoyable
Relationships become more Meaningful.
Activities become more about Sensory Immersion rather than Exclusively Focused on Productivity.

To Submit a Blogpost is similar to Writing a Chapter in a Book — only with Bonus Interactive Visual Content. For Too Long I have been Waiting for the Right Moment to tell My Story. 
Moments Passing.
Anxiety Building.
Opportunities Flowing.
Realities Knowing.

Where does the Story-telling Begin?
When you Start Telling The Story.

When can you Tell a Story?
When you Feel you've Learned Something.

It’s the Feeling We Share… 
LISTEN Carefully ~~

I’ve Learned SO MANY THINGS since I started my Education After College Graduation. The Classical Education Experience is STILL the Most Overrated, Notorious Procedure to Secure ‘Financial Independence’. 
Isn’t that why you went to School?
So you can get a Proper Job (so you can Pay The Bills). Start your Own Family (Parental Expectations). a Nice House, Fancy Things (Paint the Grass Greener) Go Places (within the Boundaries of your ‘Earned’ Vacation Times) Have More Experiences (so you can share how much FUN you’re having)

But First, you've got to Pay off those Student Loans (Responsibility for Education, right)
Fortunately, my Folks put me through College. 
But I went to College just like I went to High School — “It’s just another Learning Experience” ~~
Unfortunately, this Learning Experience was Bound by Unknown Expectations (Family Values)

To Be Continued…
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