Donaldson expects to be back in three weeks

Donaldson expects to be back on the field in three weeks.

DUNEDIN, Fla. — In a scene reminiscent of Michael Saunders (circa 2015), it was a sobering site to see Josh Donaldson limping around the Blue Jays clubhouse with crutches on Sunday morning.

A day removed from undergoing an MRI on his right calf, the Blue Jays 3rd baseman met with the media to discuss both his untimely injury and the clubs plan to get him back on the field.

“I’m ready to (get back out there) right now,” Donaldson told reporters on Sunday. “But the fact is my body’s not letting me. I’m hoping it’s just a couple of weeks.”

After “feeling something” while doing some sprint work on Friday, Donaldson was diagnosed with a strained muscle in his right calf Saturday afternoon.

“It’s something that we don’t necessarily want to push too much just for the simple fact that we have a little extra time with spring training right now,” said the perennial all-star. “We’re just making sure that whenever I step back on the field, it’s ready to go and I’m ready to push it.”

Donaldson battled a minor tweak in his left calf last season but the injury never kept him off the diamond.

“Last year I had a couple of things going with my left calf, this one’s in my right calf. We’re going to take care of it, handle it and move on,” he added.

As for the crutches, Donaldson doesn’t think he’ll to have to use them for any longer than few days.

“It’s difficult for me right now whenever I have to get up on my toe and have to barrel my weight on my calf. If my foot's up or elevated, I can flex my calf and everything feels fine. It’s just when I have all my weight on it right now. That’s why I’m using the crutches to kind of just help me take some of that pressure off of it.” he said.

“Hopefully in the next two, three or four days I won’t need them anymore.”

Thankful for the overall length of spring training camp, Donaldson expects to resume his program in three weeks and be ready to go come opening day in Baltimore.

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