Less, but better.

When thinking about concepts that I want to embrace in my future life one instinctively comes to my mind: Less but better.

Maybe this is obvious, maybe I’m a fool even writing about it but since I started thinking about it I have been able to observe the impact of this concept everywhere - or more often the impact of the absence of it. That’s reasonable; in fact this concept contradicts most of our inner drives, carved into our minds by evolution, by the need to survive. By nature the human is a gatherer and so we gather without reflecting: We collect as much of everything as possible, no matter whether we need it or not, simply because we can and because we might need it sometime. Of course this impacts our consume behavior, Capitalism in general being the uttermost expression of it. In the end this behavior results in an overemphasis of quantity while ignoring an unquestionable lack of quality.

I don’t want to change the whole world’s behavior. But I believe that my life can be a lot more enjoyable if I focus on quality rather than quantity, if I lookout for less but better thing everywhere.

I have come to love small things that have a big impact on something, like spice, that are so small that we sometimes forget about their importance even though they change the look and the smell and the taste of a dish so fundamentally. Or well chosen words that might make you reconsider your view on the world rather than pages full of nonsense.

I want to enjoy more things that maybe don’t taste intense, but rather reluctant or fine, yet diverse and immense, like freshly brewed green tea or basil-citron ice-cream. Or things that taste very intense yet are not that accessible. Things where you have to really concentrate to be able to understand their diversity and their immense repertoire of flavors, like Whisky. Maybe you can’t consume much of them, maybe they are more expensive, but isn’t that worth it? I want to eat less but better. Smaller portions. More conscious of taste, but also of the origin. Better products from closer sources, because I believe that they have an impact - better cheese, better bread, better (and a lot less) meat.

I want music that is sometimes quiet, that takes its time to leave spaces, but the few sounds are rather defined and thoughtfully placed.

Things that might not be accessible in the first moment, but when you get them it’s like you understand a whole new world.

I believe in the UNIX principle of having software that does only one job, but it does this one job in perfection, without compromises and like no other software can (I’m thinking of Apps like “Clear” and “Rechner” and “iA Writer”). I also believe in design that leaves away the chrome and focuses on content. That forgets about the fuzz and focuses on beautiful typography, even though maybe not everyone that sees it might understand its beauty.

I want publications that release less often, but better researched, more reflected content, like weekly journals rather instead of daily newspapers. Like monthly, high quality “blogs” (like Matter) rather than content creation machines (like Buzzfeed).

I want less, but better stuff. And I want a lot of it!

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