A tree on her palm, the sun in her eyes.

Strands of her auburn hair glistened onto her face

from the gust of the tropical breeze by the sea.

His brown eyes looked down at her,

as she stared up to him.

He watched the insignia of the setting sun in her eyes as she bowed to face the sky.

The world shone through her smile.

Holding her hand,

feeling her slowed pulse on her wrists,

the warmth of her breath,

the day seemed to stretch on, the minutes slowing into an abyss of hallucinating


His lips knelt onto the nape of her neck,

and kissed her skin.

She felt the entire universe silence in that moment,

centering on them, smiling at them.

He tugged her fingers along, and they continued to walk,

grazing their bare feet onto the dampened sand beneath them,

warming the Earth with their gentle steps of love.

Her chest blossomed with flowers at every inhale,

the colours in the sky pulsated at every blink –

she was surrounded with life, she was part of it all,

a tree on her palm,

the sun in her eyes,

the ocean whispering her name,

her heart plummeting with laughter.

She stopped, held onto his hands tight, and sealed her eyes.

He smiled, and did the same.

“Thank you, God.”

Teresa Esmezyan; My Girlfriend.

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