• Ukraine is a proven Software development partner for the USA. Samsung, NetCracker, SysIQ, Wargaming and more than other 90 different global tech companies have R&D centers in Ukraine. Around 45% of these companies have headquarters in the US. These companies have already checked this source of talents, so you can be confident about it. Read more {http://www.samsung.com/ua/aboutsamsung/samsungelectronics/careers/SamsungUkraineResearchCenter.html}, {https://www.netcracker.com/}, {http://astoundcommerce.com/}, {http://wargaming.com/en/careers/}
  • According to the rating “The Global Outsourcing 100”, 4 Ukrainian companies are in TOP-5 outsourcing companies and 3 more are the best 75 leaders. Rating was assumed according to the recommendations of clients from the USA and Europe {https://www.iaop.org/Content/19/165/4129}
  • Ukrainian IT market is the first country in Europe and the fourth in the world by the freelancer earnings, and it’s growing even more actively. Upwork statistics shows that the annual income on this platform is about $61m for approximately 123 thousand Ukrainians. What is more, tendency is very positive as Ukraine is in TOP-10 countries in the rate of freelance earnings growth (10–25%) {http://elance-odesk.com/online-work-report-global}
freelance earnings
  • screenshot taken from {http://www.imena.ua/blog/upwork-for-ua-freelance/}
  • Ukraine has decent techical education system which is represented by 800 higher education institutions with 16000 annual graduates in the IT sphere. That’s why, Ukrainian developers are very good engineers and architects. {http://n-ix.com/offshore-development-center-in-ukraine-5-highlights/}
  • Most Ukrainian IT companies are oriented at long-term projects with technological challenges. There are about 1000 outsourcing IT companies in Ukraine, so the competition is high.
  • Good external conditions in Ukraine are achieved by exemption from VAT and 5% tax for IT industry {http://n-ix.com/offshore-development-center-in-ukraine-5-highlights/}
  • Ukrainian time zone is really close to Europe, so there will be almost no difference to work with freelancer
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