The 360 Degree Digital Marketing Guide

360 Degree Marketing is a marketing philosophy companies have been finding to be effective since the beginning of time.

According to Ogilvy & Mather, a real 360 Degree Marketing should be:

  1. A timed series of marketing actions
  2. Built around a compelling insight or idea
  3. Deploys the most intelligent recipe of channels
  4. Propels customers and prospects along a pathway
  5. Achieves measurable business outcomes

In short, a 360 Degree Marketing’s goal is to bring a brand to life. It is an all-encompassing approach on your customer’s journey, from the first discovery to developing their loyalty.

360 Degree Digital Marketing can help you in:

  • Leveraging Current Marketing Results
  • Product and Brand Awareness
  • Enhancement of User Loyalty
  • Increase in leads and sales

With this latest blog post, we are to cover a 360 degree marketing guide (which we personally use ourselves): from Email Marketing to Video Advertising, to help you get the basics of 360 degree marketing.


Content is an approach to deliver strategic messages to attract and retain customers as well as to influence them with compelling calls to action that is beneficial to your company.
Up to 72% of marketers believe that content marketing is essential to businesses while 63% of them agree or strongly agree that It provides positive ROI.


An optimized website goes without saying. But creating an effective lead generating one isn’t exactly an easy task. Our marketers and designers collaborate for a strategic approach to create a landing page that appeals to the eyes of customers.
In fact, a study from Northumbria University discovered that 94% of people cite website design as a reason they don’t trust certain sites.


Social is one of the most basic and a fundamental division of 360 Degree Marketing. It is a powerful platform for B2B marketing in engaging with potential customers, strengthening relationships with existing ones, and enhancing brand awareness.
Social creates better, more accurate leads with 100% higher lead-to-close rate.


Search Engine Optimization’s mission is to build up the free and organic traffic generated from your website. Outbrain research shows that search is the primary driver traffic to content websites (with a massive 300% more leads than social media).
A study by Forrester found that 93% of all internet traffic comes from a search engine, which makes SEO an obvious vital part of your marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is directly sending newsletters and commercial messages through email to your list of subscribers or potential leads. This aims to build brand loyalty and awareness to existing and prospect customers.
Your emails are getting delivered 90% more than what’s being sent on social media, making it a preferable medium by marketers in direct connection with their customers.

Tracking and Analytics

Search engine results, banner ads, popup ads, and social media plug-ins are just a few of the ways how a customer may end up on your website. To implement an effective marketing strategy, it’s a rudimentary method to track and understand your consumer’s behavior.
This can be a guide for you to better comprehend which of their methods are effective and productive, saving you the time and the resources spent on your campaign.

A good 360 Degree Marketing is a crucial and optimized method for all companies to survive the competitive marketing world we are in.

7&7 Digital helps its clients build an effective digital marketing framework that delivers positive results across all aspects of their goals and missions through all aspects of the 360 circle.

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