Happiness is no longer by default, here is how we can help ourselves.

Here’s to our sadness. Here’s to what is left of our flame. It’s time to react.

This is long overdue. I do not know exactly when the world decided to give up, I do not even know how the burden of the world became too heavy for its own shoulders.

I guess it started with the American Dream. Everyone wants the best for themselves and their families. Everyone is traveling, everyone is working, everyone is busy. In Egypt, we had a similar dream to that, and it crashed and burned harder than it’s American sibling.

Let’s brief: An ambitious father travels to a neighboring country such as Saudi Arabia to work as a teacher, leaving his family behind, to return once every five years. Kids grew, and the mother grew tired of being both a father and a mother, and whatever in the side for her independence.

You get the idea. There’s an alarming “everything is okay” in the air.

This “everything is okay” existed in the beginning of the 21st century and mostly till 2010. Now you would not even hear these words. Everyone is silent; uncomfortably numb.

Parents are depressed. It’s fucking worrisome.

And it’s mostly because of the end of the middle class. In the near future, there will be only two classes of people, the happy, rich and satisfied, and the depressed, poor and angry.

Everyone wants to catch the bus that is leaving to La La Land.

This rush created a world in which the chase became the end, not the mean.

And we, the kids, suffer.

Look at your social circles. There must be at least one person who became broken because of his family. If you’re a Gen Z, then I bet there’s three or four.

It’s parents’ failure to slow down and prioritize. It’s post-revolution depression. It’s elections. It’s Black Lives Matter. It’s Trump. It’s us in the mirror.

Families no longer create a healthy, happy individual by default. Therefore, the world does not. People do not care enough, or do not care to understand enough.

Then we grow up, not having the love we saw on TVs. Not feeling an energy burning within us. We grow angry, sad and terrified. Sure, there is those who break the chain, there are the exceptions. The people I love most. But the majority of us, as a generation, are not feeling okay. At least not secure. Both physically and mentally. Especially when you have world leaders toying with nuclear bombs.

“I wished I could change the world, but somehow the world changed me,
I wished I could carry the sky, but now I’m tired of carrying my own self.”
— Mashrou’ Leila

The uncomfortable “everything is okay” is turning to a saddening “everything is not okay”. Suddenly your future leaders are scattered between ignorance and depression.

I want to break through this. I’m sick of depression and I do not tolerate ignorance anymore.

Help yourself.

Thankfully, the above-mentioned people that I said I love wants to help. You just gotta ask.

Both of my parents left me their insecurities and troubles. I’m seriously avoiding having conversations with myself because it always ends up in helpless tears. I instead reach a conversation with anything that helps.

The self-growth and entrepreneurship communities of Medium have been a great help. A life-changing help. Most of the writers in here really offer up help for the sake of helping and giving. Use that. I know it’s hard to look past Snapchat filters and Instagram’s eye candy, but this is where you start, and you gotta start caring about yourself because if you don’t, a human being just like you will drain you to numbness.

Read, write, talk, do whatever you can to escape the vicious cycle that our parents put us in. Happiness is no longer is scattered upon you.

Increase your self-depth and awareness, and stop checking your phone every five minutes. Disable notifications.

We’re practically left with little knowledge from our parents nowadays, we were raised by YouTube comments and Internet’s huge pool of opinions. Chase the knowledge by yourself, chase the happiness that you hoped it was meant for you.

Please do not waste your life, it’s much more value and beautiful to be wasted on everything-is-okays.

May you always feel complete.