WFRB: Rebuilding

Instead of closure, I found peace.

In the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to find an end for my buried problems. I’ve trying so hard that I stopped searching and just got obsessed with finding an end. No steps forward, just a past with a fixed look at it.

I also have been praying. I don’t know if it’s my prayers; I happen to be a Gen Z, I mistake values for YOLO sometimes. I suddenly stopped doing either, not anymore searching or looking. I just accepted it the way it is.

It certainly was not intended. Peace within self is, to me, a complex thing. It is also funny: I looked at my dad, who is the source of most of my problems, and instead of getting mad I got meh.

Apply to other areas too. It also embolden the identity in a huge way, once you’re sure of what you want inside of you, you become sure of what you want or do not want outside of you.

I hope this peace does not fade away with time, I need it for the long haul.

Pray for me, may you always feel complete.

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