Why I Only Work Remotely
Yan Lhert

Yeah the last 3 software development jobs I had were all open plan. I really felt like management pushes the ‘open office’ concept for the reasons described in the article, but the real reasons are to cut costs and micromanage. I was starting to get behind on my sleep because we were forced to come into the office and I couldn’t get my work done because of all of the interruptions. It got to where I was starting to call into work and make excuses…not so I could slack off … but so I could get my work done. It was either that, or stay up until midnight because my real workday would start when I got home from the day at the office. I finally gave that up last fall and started working from home. I’m cranking out over twice what I was doing at the office jobs. And I don’t have to deal with the Austin traffic, which saves another 1–2 hours each day. Win-Win!

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