November 29, 2018 that is the current date.
The cryptocurrency market has just suffered one of the most significant blows that we can remember.
After a whole year of falling, the market has just received another stab that has made him lose 30% of its capitalization in only four days.

If this has happened to the cryptocurrency market in general, how has it affected the masternodes market? Let’s see,

To understand the current market situation we have to take into account a series of historical references on different variables.

  • Total cryptocurrency market capitalization.
  • Total Masternodes market capitalization.
  • $Dash market Capitalization.
  • Dash dominance.
  • Total Masternodes market capitalization excluding $Dash.
  • Total active Masternodes and their tendency.


This is the graph corresponding to the 2018 entire crypto market capitalization.

We started 2018 happy, reaching 824,000 million dollars on Sunday, January 7th. After this, we began a decadent path that has brought us to the current situation, in which our total capitalization is 138,000 million, that is, a -83.25%.

How or why we have arrived at this situation is not something that I can affirm emphatically.

I am also one of those who believes that very few things happen for just one reason, but that a confluence of several is what cause the events.
I imagine that market cycles, masses lack of adoption, lack of regulation or excess of it are some of the reasons that have influenced into these changes, but that is a personal opinion and is not based on objective data.
The only real and indisputable fact is this: -83.25%.

Another similar graph that we have to see is that of the last 15 days since it has undoubtedly affected the entire sector radically.

We can see how, in one week, the market cap went from 209,721 USD million to the actual 142,178 USD million (And we are recovering), that is another -32% in one week!!!!!!

So, for now, we have A LOT of money going out from crypto.


If we exclude the btc from the total capitalization of the crypto market, we can see how the rest of the market has suffered as much or more as the masternodes.
Here we have gone from a capitalization, on January 7 from 543,705 million dollars to the current 65,000 million, that is -88% in capitalization.


This is another Drama.

We can only get the data from 02–21–2018, but enough to realize what are we speaking about: -79,28%.

And since 11–11–2018: -53%.


$Dash dominance is actually at 59,55%, so to understand the masternodes market we must differentiate $Dash market and all the others masternodes market.

Since January 7, Dash went down another -92% to the actual 838 USD million.


We have that all the Masternodes market capitalization was, at 02–21–2018 around 6,785 million, on that date, $Dash capitalization was 5,376 USD million, so total masternode market excluding $Dash was: 1,409 million.

Today, masternodes market capitalization is 1,405 million, and $Dash has a total capitalization about 838 million, so we have only 567 USD million for all the masternodes, that is -59,68% (In the same period $Dash is at -73,86%)


As we can see in this graph, the number of newly deployed masternodes increased in 860 new nodes per day till September 7.

After September 7, the number only increased about 312 new nodes per day, and since November 14 we have 4,513 nodes LESS running.


Let’s make a summary of all these data:

  • Total market capitalization this year 2018: -83.25%.
  • Total Masternodes market capitalization this year 2018: -79,28%.
  • $Dash cap in 2018: -92%.
  • Masternode market cap excluding $Dash: -59,68%
  • Number of Masternodes deployed: Growing slower now.
  • Alts market Cap. -88%.


It is clear and indisputable, this is a disgrace, and there is nowhere to take it. 
Let’s uncover that irrefutable fact and let’s get some conclusion.

For the moment, the first that jumps at sight is that the masternodes market has managed to hold much better (within the misfortune) in capitalization than Alts markets. (-79,28 vs -88%)

If we exclude $ Dash, we see that the numbers are even better for the most “forgotten” masternodes, then all those people saying “forget the masternodes, they are all a scam” … it turns out that the MN market has withstood the exit of crypto money much better than all the alts (-59,68% vs -88%).

Masternodes market depends, obviously, of the whole crypto market, so all the charts will be similar. When money enters into crypto, it goes to all the markets.

Another point is that if you hold your coins through all this crypto market, you will see how when prices rise (and will), you will have a lot of rewards to sell at high prices, so your profit will become exponential.

About the number of deployed masternodes is natural to see the relation between money invested and the number of nodes, so, I hope a recovery when the market increase its capitalization.

Investing in Masternodes requires knowledge and a high degree of updating, it is true, but in return, we can verify, in concrete data, how some of the projects in this market have suffered less than the market average.

There is a high number of projects that continue to develop, innovating and working every day to be able to assert their idea in the medium and long-term, like many of the Alts.

It is time to learn and invest in those who deserve it, the bread for all of the Roman circus is over.

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