Max speed limit

Imagine driving a car, driving a real fast car

A drive so fast, you reach real far

real real far, in five five mins

A drive so fast…

100.. 200.. 400.. 160890,,2352345235.23534

and as fast as you want(we as fast as the speed of light anyway, which makes speed a bad example), or perhaps money? But if you get infinite money, the economy crashes, or nothing is of value anymore? 
Ain’t no diamond costly enough…

aint no Island rich enough

Aint no fossil scarce enough

for me to… not get you baby
Where’s the fun in that? (But that makes for a different post, and maybe is the fun part afterall)

But there is one entity, which you can not buy out, or reach real high values, which you just can not exceed — is the years you are going to live.

All you get is one life, one hundred years and I am being generous.

If I were to spend my entire life on researching something, it would be the path to attain immortality, which I do believe offlate is a medical possibility in the future. However this is I think the darkest joke I can come up with.

One life, infinite possibilities, a million chances, a billion inspirations. And yet, we tread but one. And is filled with redundancy. But how prevalent is redundant? Given this constraint of time? And what about the level of expertise and acceptable level of stagnancy? But the foremost important question is, “how much dopamine is being released?” Once the dopamine stops pumping regularly, its time to relegate it I think. This practice can now be a page, which can be written again in the future as a new dopamine stimulant of the past.( I am looking at you snooker, with a mixed range of emotions)

New stimulants are needed I think, to keep chugging. I guess I would be at 80 percentile of people who play snooker, and if you consider the average random guy who plays pool, wasily 99 percentile. Is that any measure? But once stagnancy kicks in, thats when the tough gets going. You feel committed to it, it becomes a war, an addiction, a go to drug an imaginary friend which must be seen for what it is.

As one of my all time fantasies, and something that has coexisted with the humans for a really long time, music continues to give me such rushes of dopamine, that I think it’s time I stepped into that pool, instead of wading its surfaces.

Of all those thousand inifinities though, I do know one thing for sure, you babe are the bestest, and .if there’s one I am sure of, it’s that I want you with me :)