Of happiness in delusion


the fact or state of living or having objective reality.
“scientists believe there are several million unidentified species in existence”

I think that’s the first time, I ever looked at the definition of word, and had a laugh to myself.

Objective reality? What does that even mean? What criteria are we basing reality upon? What is the point from where we measure, or judge the validity of this reality? Existence and in turn memories of a person, are bound by one factor in for humans and other life form as we know, in general- and that is death. No one can conceive with surety, and ascertain about our plight beyond death, so I think that is the limit of human existence, and in turn human thought — as far as the person who has just died’s concern. The only earth or the only wife he had or even their thought has ceased to exist. What is then life? What is the point of all the wealth accumulated? Or what was the point of the job you hated but were stuck with? Or that night you said no to your boyfriend’s invite, cause of that silly fight? What about all the wealth you accumulated? Or thought that gifting a diamond necklace would be too costly though you had 100 times that cost in your bank account?

Only physical barriers hence can be said to inhibit existence. If that’s the case, how would be ever be sure that we are not merely a stimulation in someone’s inmortal existence beyond all physical barriers. Are we really far from achieving that as humans? A powerful enough computer to stimulate all this? We’ll its tough to give an estimate on how soon this might become reality- but beware, it’s closer than you think!

Two things make existence as we know it worthwhile, music and love :)