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Since the company was established in 1918, Panasonic has given a better life for its customers, and making the community as a center of activities with a focus on people’s lives. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia has a very long history and embedded in the hearts of all the people of Indonesia. Until now Panasonic in Indonesia remains the most leading electronics brand with a series of innovative products, ranging from Plasma TV, Cameras, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, and other beauty products. Each of these products has a relatively affordable price for the Indonesian people. Panasonic air conditioner price was relatively cheap for the quality obtained by the public.

Panasonic air conditioning products is one of the flagship products from Panasonic to meet the needs of the community. AC technology used include sophisticated today. AC Panasonic has a wide range of types and sizes pk that adapts to the needs of society and have the AC affordable price. Some types of AC Panasonic released by Panasonic ie split-type air conditioning, air conditioning cassette, AC standing. Panasonic split-type air conditioner is divided into several types / series are low wattage, inverter, EcoTough, EcoSmart, standard, deluxe. As one of authorized distributor AC Panasonic in Tangerang, we also give jasa pasang ac .

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We offer a competitive price Panasonic air conditioning and affordable by you. Panasonic air conditioner consists of various types and series as well as the size of the pk. That a range of options, can provide opportunities for you in selecting the right Panasonic air conditioner for your home or office. See harga ac panasonic 2 pk terbaru in our website.

Panasonic Split AC prices Standard, Low Watt Inverter, EcoTough, EcoSmart
Panasonic as one of AC reliable and favorites in Indonesia, always provide a variety of options to meet local needs for Air Conditioner (AC). One type of air conditioning products, namely Panasonic split air conditioners. This split air conditioning products also have a variety of options, namely the split AC standard, low watt, inverter, deluxe, EcoTough and EcoSmart. Panasonic split air conditioner check the price below.

Price AC Panasonic Cassette

In addition to the split-type air-conditioning Panasonic, Panasonic also released a cassette-type air conditioner to reach the needs of people in an office building. AC Panasonic cassette pk has a size ranging from 2 1/2 to 5 pk. Check the price of AC Panasonic cassette below..