The Weird Divide Between Artists and Creatives
Josh Spilker

Josh, I always believed “one is born with special gifts” more than likely you were too by what I’ve seen of your expressions in writing. The experience I have been exposed to, comes “from God knows where”; I write a poem after seeing a picture or a child playing, a split second of a show on TV or even hearing one word.

Inspiration just flows till the verses are finished. Over the years I have written personal poems for people say, a son wanting to thank his Mum. Placing myself into the young man’s shoes I start. On completion, I find three A4 size pages before me. Where did that poem come from I ask myself.

Being artistic, touches on many facets of life, within every living day, drawing on the feelings and emotions expressed by others even ones’ own state of mind at any given time. “Creative money making” in artistic ways is included in this process when being an artistic person. Though Writing can come from pure necessity too!

Raising three children with little help taught me to use what I had, to make ends meet; paving the best creative way I could, to achieve what was needed. Thankfully, our thriving family connected, learning from the creative variety we lived in to survive.