Potato. Week 9–10: Wrapping Up

Updated by Fairy Bui (12/3/15)

After a restful Thanksgiving and possibly a hectic Black Friday, our team headed back to implementation the following weekend. Many of us were out of town for the Thanksgiving break, and so communication became a greater challenge. Nonetheless, we all agreed that we shouldn’t dwell on minor details such as button hover colors, or margins, and that we should concentrate our efforts into making our website content functional, interactive, and most importantly, user-friendly.

What the future holds

Ten weeks is definitely not enough time to create a perfectly working website, and we accepted the possibility of having to “Wizard of Oz” some of the more complex features of idea8. One feature that we would have liked to include were user accounts, so that users could later access all of their ideas in a convenient place. Feedback completion cues such as checkmarks could have also facilitated the feedback-giving process and improved on the user experience.

Wizard of Oz’d Tommy’s potato ideas

Something that we would definitely like to consider is a mobile application for idea8 that would allow it to be used on touch-sensitive surfaces. During user testing, many potential users expressed concern about the awkwardness of using a mouse to draw. While we recognized that most tech-savvy users are comfortable and familiar with using their mouse to draw shapes and figures, we agree that it would feel more natural to use one’s finger to sketch ideas instead.


We are very proud of the final website, and it’s pretty neat to see how much progress we’ve made since the beginning of the quarter.

Link: idea8.github.io

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSU1QUbvBjM

Spud muffins