Homescapes Cheats 2019

sna kohama
Sep 9 · 3 min read

Homescapes Cheats 2019

Are you looking for Homescapes hack and cheats which will help you build Austin butler home?

Well as you know, Homescapes has crossed $400 million marks in its first year and now trending on Google Charts.

Homescapes game is a mixture of 3-puzzle game with building and renovating Austin the butler parent house.

In this game, you need to help Austin renovate his ancestral property with the help of 3-puzzle game.

One of the biggest challenges came when players did not get enough Homescapes coins and Star to move ahead in the game.

Now, you can use our online tool which is developed in such a way that it will provide you not only with free coins and stars but also with free boxes.

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The benefit of using Homescapes online tool

You can get these features when you use the Homescapes online tool

· Unlimited Homescapes coins

· Unlimited Homescapes Stars

· Homescapes boxes which are available in the storehouse

· You will also get 5 hearts which will give you an extra 5 change to play

· Use these coins and stars to upgrade your game and move to different levels

Feature of Homescapes cheats tools

Some of the Homescapes cheats tools are as follows

· 100% free tool

· 100% working online tool

· Free to all country and no age restriction

· Get stars and coins into your Homescapes account within 5 min

· Works on all available browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc

· Works on all types of mobile devices

· Works on all types of PC be it Mac or Windows

· 100% virus-free

· Over 78456 happy users till date

How to use Homescapes online tool

Follow these steps to get coins in your account

· Select quality of coins and stars you wanted

· Or select the boxes you wanted in your account

· Now put your Homescapes email id or game id in the field

· Now select your platform like — android, iOS or PC

· Click on — Claim now button

· Within 3min your Homescapes account will be credited with coins and stars

Homescapes Cheats 2019

You can also do Homescapes cheats to get coins and stars by following this method

Method 1 # Follow the thumb rule

Homescapes is a 3-puzzle game which means, you should follow the thumb rule “start from bottom” .

Which means you need to start clearing these puzzles from the bottom of the puzzle board

Follow this principle

· Follow the thumb rule

· Start clearing the cubes from bottom

· You need to match 3-similar cube to get it eliminated form puzzle board

· Try to match from the bottom line or one line up

· If you are able to match the bottom line, then you will get whole new cubes in the board

Method 2 # Plan 03 moves ahead

One of the best advice is to plan 03 move ahead which means, you can make more powerup or eliminate more cubes.

Follow this principle

· Plan 03 moves ahead

· Try to mix and match more than 03 to get a special powerup

· This powerup can eliminate whole column or rows

· Try to visualize all the move before you start executing any cube

Method 3 # know all the powerup

Powerup is the great level clear when you use them properly.

Follow these principles when you want to use powerup

· Make Rocket by matching four cubes

· Make bomb by matching five cubes in L shape

· Make Paper plane by matching four cubes in square

· Make Rainbow ball by matching five cubes in row or column

Method 4 # mix and match powerup

Do you know in Homescapes, you can mix and match different powerup and clear whole board?

Try to match different powerup and execute them the combined way, so that you will get big impact.

Final words

Now you can get unlimited coins for Homescapes using our online tool

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