7 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Social Media Marketer

While everyone and their grandmother is on social media these days, simply posting is far different than a creating and implementing a comprehensive strategy. You like your business right? You want it to succeed? Then you need to be asking about more than their five year goals and looking at their resume.

What to ask when interviewing social media marketers

1. Do They Use Scheduling Platforms?

Everyone has their favorite social media scheduling tool. If they don’t, it means they probably don’t schedule posts which isn’t good. How are we supposed to go for drinks if you constantly need to be tweeting?

They should be able to explain why they prefer Buffer over Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. I doubt recent social media growth has ever happened without scheduling.

2. Do They Have Customer Service Experience?

Customer service is becoming an integral part of social media. It’s public, and it’s easy. (Particularly if you’re an airline.) Their experience doesn’t have to be specific customer service, though. Retail also gives people experience in handling tough situations, just ask Apple employees or baristas.

Ask about a time they handled a touchy situation, and/or give them some examples and ask how they would respond. You’ll be giving them the power to respond to customers, which means you want to ensure they know what to say.

3. Do They Know About Platform Specificity?

Just another way of saying that Instagram ain’t no Twitter. There are some highly specific best practices for different channels, and if you want your content to perform, you need channel specific posts.

They don’t need to know about specific image sizes (that can be easily Googled), but rather tagging on Instagram versus Twitter or how to ensure Facebook features your images. Okay, ensure is too strong, since nothing is certain in the realm of Zuckerberg.

4. Do They Keep Up With Recent Social Media Changes?

Social media changes every week, which means social media managers need to stay on top of them. These changes can wreak havoc on your engagement more than Justin Bieber’s entourage on a bar tab.

Asking your interviewee about a recent change shows that they keep learning and are willing to adjust their knowledge based on these changes.

5. Team Experience

Okay, so I said we weren’t going to ask the typical questions, but they’re still important. Will this position be a part of a team, or will they be on their own? Whatever your situation may be, look for experience and preferences that align.

Some companies are incredibly team centered, but others prefer to work separately, so make sure you’re hiring accordingly.

6. Do They Have Industry Experience?

Industry experience isn’t totally necessary, but a working knowledge of B2B or B2C experience is incredibly useful in social media. Facts can be learned, but a holistic understanding of the industry is important.

7. Have They Created and Implemented?

Social media is more than posting when you can. It’s creating a strategy of content curation, value to the customer, and self-promotion. And perhaps more importantly than creating it is following through on it. Ask about how they took it from idea to execution.

One thing to remember: to an extent, each of these can be learned. If there’s someone who’s a great cultural fit and a proactive learner but lacking in one of these areas, they could become more successful than someone with great experience in each of these areas but will clash with their coworkers.

Hiring a social media manager doesn’t have to be difficult. By taking these questions into account, you can keep your company succeeding in social media.

via Hannah Moyer